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Due to its giant size and superior strength, it has become known as the king of behemoths Kaiser behemoth spawn." "They say that this kaiser behemoth, whose body is crisscrossed with the scars of a thousand battles, seeks any opportunity to avenge itself on the adventurers who defeated its brothers. If you value your life, I'd avoid doing anything to arouse its ire.”.Free Company <Luna> spawned Kaiser Behemoth on Brynhildr at roughly 12 am ET. Spawned on very north side of Coerthas Western Highlands map near "The North Star." Strongly believe you use the Behemoth Heir minion to spawn this S rank.Kaiser Behemoth is an optional enemy the player can engage in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. Defeating it yields the achievement/trophy An Emperor Deposed and an Archive Highlight. It is a white variant of the behemoth king enemy fought in the main game. It is on Lv.99 but the rest of its stats cannot be observed.FFXIV Hunt: Spawn & Kill Kaiser Behemoth:Summon your Behemoth Heir minion & take a stroll around spawn locations in Coerthas Western Highlands. Spawn locatio Kaiser behemoth spawn.

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