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same problem for me. #14. TheGhostRydr. View Profile View Posts. Nov 11, 2015 @ 12:53am. Same resolution and same problem. 1280x1024, invisible lockpicking and the map is bugged. there is no cursor and it can only (barely) be moved horizontily. Thjs game hates 1280x1024 Invisible lockpicking fallout 4. #15. < 1 2.Invisible lockpick fix for 4:3 (1024x768) If you hear the sound when you try to unlock the lock but just see a blurry background, this is for you. Maybe could work for 5:4 or some different resolutions too, but not tested it by myself. This item has been added to your Favorites.However now the only problem is that I'm also experiencing invisible lockpicking, and the "-1" solution didn't work for me. I'll just wait for another patch to lockpick I guess, seems that the 60mb day one patch didn't catch this one at least on my setup.I show you how i fixed the invisible lock pick in fallout 4. ALL praise should be given to Advertise_this via reddit: www.reddit/r/fo4/comments/3May only work for certain resolutions, such as 16:9, some testing and tweaking may be required. Hope it works for you guys!1280X1024 Resolution Fixes (5:4 invisible Lockpick fix) "Remove LockpickingMenu.swf and PowerArmorHUDMenu.swf if you have old version!" Fallout 4. 5:4 (1280x1024) aspect ratio fix Invisible lockpicking fallout 4. INSTALLATION. 1. Copy Data folder contents into your Fallout 4 Data directory. 2.Edit My DocumentsMy gamesFallout 4Fallout4.ini.If these dont work check out a mod/fallout forum. They usually have fixes. 1280x1024 link .www.nexusmods/fallout4/mods/143/ Invisible lockpicking fallout 4. › watch Fallout 4 : invisible lockpick bug fix - YouTube

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  4. steamcommunity › app › 377160 1280X1024 Resolution Fixes (5: 4 invisible Lockpick fix
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