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Permits are needed in order to be able to travel to certain star systems within Elite Dangerous. Only commanders who possess the appropriate permit may enter a system that is permit-locked. Fleet Carriers are barred from traveling to any permit-locked system, regardless of whether their owners have the permit. Possession of a permit may be granted on a permanent or temporary basis. The Pilots.To get the permit for this system you need to obtain the rank of Dangerous or higher in any of the three categories; Combat, Trade or Exploration. Searching through various resources (Elite Forums, Reddit, Blogs, Facebook) I’ve compiled a list of some of the permits that you can get in the game.ALLIANCE SYSTEM PERMITS ALIOTH Faction: Alioth Independents Rep Systems Benefits: Irkutsk station - ship discounts - Orca costs 38m (20% discount), Asp costs 5 Elite dangerous system permits.3m (20% discount). Home of the Engineer Bill Turner. INDEPENDENT SYSTEM PERMITS SHINRARTA DEZHRA Rank: Elite status in Exploration, Trading or CombatI believe that when a system requires a permit, you need to build up reputation with the faction that controls the system in order to get a permit. Look at the galaxy map to see what faction controls the system, find systems (or at least stations) they control that you can get to, look in the bulletin boards, and run some missions for them.Systems with permit. Elite: Dangerous Board. Permit. Details on unlock. System Distance Allegiance Faction. Hors Elite dangerous system permits. Federation Workers of Hors Values Party Federation Rank. PLX 695. Federation PLX 695 Values Party Federation Rank.The following table is a list of independent systems that are permit-locked. In most cases, barring other requirements, the permits for these systems can be obtained by Allying with the permit holder minor faction and accepting a permit invitation mission. These missions are only offered in systems that are within a 10 ly radius of the permit-locked system, provided that the minor faction has. Elite dangerous system permits. › threads › updated-permit Updated Permit List | Frontier Forums

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