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game on! definition: 1. used to show that a competition of some kind is about to start, usually when you are excited…. Learn more.Game on is a casual expression in speech and writing, usually employed in a friendly, humorous, or excited manner. It can initiate various competitions (e.g., OK crossword puzzle solvers, game on !). It can anticipate gameplay or mildly intimidate opponents (e.g., Kick off is in five minutes.Game on definition: If you say game on , you mean that you are ready for something challenging to begin. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examplesGame On was a British television sitcom series about the lives of three 20-somethings from Herne Bay sharing a flat in Battersea in south-west London. The title, originally derived from a stock screen term used by 1980s early computer video games to initiate a competitive encounter, was taken from English urban slang speech of the 1990s lad culture which the principal character Matthew Malone was an exemplar of. Game on meaning.

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