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Thankyou thelordkanti I found the directory now. After a long serch I actually create a preset file so I can track it back but to no avail. since all it say is the file are in sksepluginsCharGenPresets". not Mod OrganizeroverwritesksepluginsCharGenPresets"And I thought that the file should be in race menu mod file not the main MO itself.Just reinstall SKSE into your root Skyrim folder and use Mod Organizer in the mean time so you won't have trouble with installing mods. PSN: GailST. 3DS FC: 0516-7310-1568. User Info: myztikrice Skse plugins folder. myztikrice 7 years ago #3. There is no plugins directory by default, you have to make it yourself.If you don't have mods that have SKSE plugins, that folder won't exist, you have to create it yourself, cause if you check the content of the SKSE archive, there's no SKSE folder in the Data folder either. So, you did nothing wrong, you just need to create the folder and the SKSE.ini file yourself. Edited by eSoDian, 10 February 2014 - 08:46 AM.2. Extract either dxgi.dll or x3daudio1_7.dll (NOT BOTH) inside the ZIP file into the same folder as SkyrimSE Skse plugins folder.exe in your Skyrim Special Edition installation. 3. Use a mod manager to install plugin DLLs or manually extract them into your "DataSSEPlugins" folder. Once installed, plugins will automatically be loaded when you launch the game.Instead of 1, 5, 62, 0 put the version you are reversing and familiar with. You must have the corresponding database file in /Data/SKSE/Plugins directory first. After you call this you should have a new file in the main Skyrim directory called "offsets-" or whatever you put as the file name. It will be in the format where each line is:Contains DLL, d3dx9_42.dll. It is loaded by game automatically, which preloads the plugins, then redirects all function calls to the original d3dx9_42.dll file in your system directory. Installing. Put d3dx9_42.dll in your root Skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is), NOT in data folder! Skse plugins folder.

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