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Equity in poker is a basic principle involved with poker mathematics that helps to explain the strategy of betting when you have the best of it. By betting for value you can increase the amount of money you will be winning from each particular hand.Equity is our percentage chance to win a hand of poker assuming we are all-in. For example, in Hold’em, AA has 81.94% equity against KK. In practice, equity does not tell us the whole picture regarding how often we’ll win, because either we or our opponent could end up folding some of the time.What is equity in poker? Equity in poker is the share of the pot that is yours based on the odds that you will win the pot at that point in play. Equity changes after each street – pre-flop, flop,What is Equity in Poker? Equity is defined as the amount of the pot belonging to a player based on his/her odds to win the pot. This can be expressed as a percentage. For example, in an AA vs KK preflop situation, the player with AA has roughly 80 percent equity to win the hand preflop.Online Poker » Poker Strategy » Texas Hold Em » Poker Equity The term equity simply refers to the value of an item, place or thing minus any liens owed or interest by other shareholder's. The most common example would be the equity one might have in their car or home What is equity in poker. What is equity in poker.

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