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Girl: Muslim: Aaleyah: Exalted, Highest social standing Girl: Muslim: Aalia: High, Tall.أصل. Aasal is a direct Quranic name for boys and girls that means late afternoons, evenings, it is the plural of the Arabic word Aseel (late afternoon, evening). The name Aasal is mentioned three times in the Quran Muslim baby girl names and meanings. This name should not be confused with the name Asal, which means honey.Popular Muslim Girl Names With Meanings. 1. A’dab: A beautiful name, A’dab means ‘hope or need’ in Arabic. It sounds pretty modern and is suitable for families looking for a trendy name. 2. Aabidah: 3. Aa’eedah: 4. Aafia: 5. Aafreeda: Muslim baby girl names and meanings.

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