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Let Our Pros Pick, Buy and Manage Your Investments For You. Ends 12/31. The Fast and Easy Way to Invest.Foreign Investment is a very important tool of soft imperialism in Victoria 2. Great Powers can invest in both infrastructure ( railroads) and Factories in civilized nations . A civilized nation offers up 75% of its market to its sphere master; a secondary power offers up 50%.A. Foreign Investment Before understanding how foreign investment works, the explanation of foreign investment on the victoria 2 wiki and in the defines of the game files is bullshit and none of its features work on unsphered targets. Only the ratios are useful in regards to sphere market influencing.Hello fellow Yanks! We will be playing the USA in this Let's Play of Victoria 2 a House Divided. Don't worry If your not a citizen of the US today because weThe lower the Rich Tax and average wage (social reform) one country has, the more foreign capitalist POPs will go there and invest. 2. The more foreign direct investment one country has, the faster it researches its techs through bonuses. 3. All foreign direct investment (foreign factories) is taxable by your country through the Rich Tax. 4.It increases your industry score. It increases the amount of goods that get added to your sphere when you sphere them. It makes it easier to fight over sphering them. If they nationalize (e.g. go communist) you get a free puppet CB on them. Yes, it's worth it (railroads also do all of the above) 8 Victoria 2 foreign investment. level 1. Victoria 2 foreign investment.

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