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Learn how to watch any movie you can think of on the Roku player by using the twonky beam app visit ultimaterokublog Twonky beam app roku.blogspot/ to learn more. VisiTwonky. Developed by: PacketVideo. Use your tablet or phone to beam videos, photos, and music to your TV. Works in conjunction with a beam-enabled mobile app to enable media content to be beamed from the web, local DLNA servers, or device storage.Twonky Player is compatible with popular devices such as Chromecast and Smart TVs. You can also enjoy media directly on your tablet or phone. An in-app purchase of the Premium DTCP-IP CompatibilityMost NAS devices don't have the horsepower to transcode video, but they should be able to handle audio transcoding. Or perhaps the DLNA software doesn't recognize that your media can be played without transcoding, hence the Twonky error message. Of course, your FLAC files may use a setting that the Roku can't play.Twonky Beam app is awesome for WDTV, Roku, etc - WD TV Live & Live Plus - WD Community. Twonky Beam is barely mentioned by folks in these forums, other that to say they are having network problems and they can’t get it, and other apps to work on the WD. So, I’m taking a moment to introduce the app to the c…mike27oct October 15, 2015, 4:56am #3. You should also be able to stream to the Roku with the Twonky Beam channel installed to enable DLNA, and the Twonky Beam app on mobile devices. I do it all the time from my drives that are connected so they are seen as “servers” (e.g internal PC drives, and Pogoplug drives). Twonky beam app roku. › watch How to watch any movie on Roku using the Twonky Beam App

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