Minecraft: How to make a secret redstone House / door / base Thumbs up^^ & Subscribe for more =) Download the houses from my website.Secret doors are concealed entrances into places created by the player. They are useful for a variety of things, such as protecting valuables on a multiplayer server, building a adventure map, or just for fun. Some hidden doors, such as piston doors, require a redstone opening mechanism to tell the door to open.Even though this door is secret, it can easily be broken into by other players, so choosing a secret location is key. This door is great for getting in, but you can't close it when you're inside unless you add a lever to one of the blocks with redstone dust on it. Then you can just pull the lever to close the door.TOP 5 EASY & SIMPLE Hidden Doors to Build Secret Rooms in Survival that you didn't know you could build in Minecraft Tutorial w/ Eystreem with NO MODS and NOA good place to start is Rogue Fox’s guide to making an invisible button for a hidden piston door. The redstone circuit required is simple enough, but it gets more complex when adding a dropper, a hopper, and a redstone comparator. Just make sure you follow the video closely: Minecraft secret door redstone. › watch 5 SECRET REDSTONE DOORS You Should Know How To Build in

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