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post a fat anime character - Anime Answers - Fanpop. Anime Naruto Kid Naruto Anime Chibi Anime Guys Sasuke Uchiha Sakura Haruno Naruko Uzumaki Shikamaru Naruto Shippuden Anime Fat Anime Characters.Overweight Stereotypes in Anime Hanako Ohtani. Hanako is an embodiment of the stereotypical fat anime girl. She is so comically overweight she’sMinamo Aoi. On the other side of the spectrum from Ohtani, there’s Real Drive. None of the characters in the anime areMilluki Zoldyck. Milluki is.The Best Fat Cartoon Characters on TV Winnie the Pooh Patrick Star Eric Cartman Pumbaa Homer Simpson Fred Flintstone Garfield Chef Peter Griffin Chief Wiggum Fat Albert Jackson Ursula Chris Griffin Uncle Iroh Comic Book Guy Barney Gumble Wimpy Smee Mrs Fat anime characters. Poppy Puff Muriel Bagge Carl Brutananadilewski. Fat anime characters.


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