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Hannah doesn't know of Booth's past feelings towards Brennan until he is forced to tell her in The Body in the Bag, after Brennan has confessed hers What happened to hannah on bones. Hannah also doesn't know of Booth's past as a sniper, as in The Couple in the Cave she states that "he never went for the kill if he could help it." While this may be an honest reflection of Booth's reverence for life and unwillingness to kill, it is certainly not an accurate depiction of his life experience as a whole.After a failed start to what would go on to be a successful relationship with Bones, Booth meets journalist Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick, in a stunningly divergent pre-Vikings role) while.The drama starts when Booth and Sweets are drinking in a bar. They start to talk about proposing to their girlfriends and they resolve to buy rings the next day. They go forward with their plan.Bones is off until November 4. When it returns, Booth is going to have to come to grips with a serious new development with Hannah. What happened to hannah on bones.

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