Trucks using 13-speed transmissions allow certain gears to have high and low settings, so you'll use the same gear position more than once after pushing a button to change the setting. With a 13-speed transmission, the gears are closer together than in a 10-speed transmission, for example. This allows for a split of about 17 percent between gears in a 13-speed instead of a 35 percent split on a 10-speed transmission.If this is helpful please like and subscribe.This video explains how to shift the eaton fuller 13 speed transmission. The shift pattern is identical to the.Free Shipping Available. Buy 13 Speed Shifting Pattern on ebay. Money Back Guarantee!I picked up a truck with a 13 speed, no shift pattern in the truck or on the shifter, the door sticker says it's an RTLO-16913a which has a pattern like this '- | -| , I've alway driven it that way and never realized that there was another gear right under reverse like this |- | -| which is a characteristic of RTO-6613 , so what's going on here? this truck is 15 model and before I bought it it was.13 Speed Transmission Shift Pattern. July 24, 2021 by. For the higher gears add the two digits of the speed and that tells you what gear you should be in for 1300 engine RPMs 13 spd shift pattern. Transmissions 13 speed rt range selector pre-select all range shifts splitter selector may be shifted in 5-6-7-8 only do not range shift with splitter selector in od move range selector before moving shift lever start with range selector down shift lo-1-2-3-4 raise range selector shift 5-6-7-8 shift 8-7-6-5- move range. 13 spd shift pattern. › watch How to Shift 13 speed Tractor Trailer Transmission - YouTube

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