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The latest tweets from @CrankGameplaysWhat is up my CrankyCrew! It's Ethan from CrankGameplays, and welcome to my twitch! Here I’ll be streaming games, chatting with you guys and just hanging out and having some good ol fashioned fun times epic creator code: 91N7BUThe official store for CrankGamePlays and Soft Boi merch!Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling (born: October 24, 1996. ( 1996-10-24) [age 24] ), better known online as CrankGameplays, is an American video game commentator, vlogger, and is one of Markiplier 's former video editors. He is frequently featured on Mark's channel, alongside Tyler Scheid ( Apocalypto_12 ), being their close friend and living near each.WHAT IS UP MAH CRANKY CREW?!?! I play those sweet sweet video games and do other stuff! yay! PC Specs GeForce GTX 1080Ti AMD Threadripper 1920x 64GB RAM Monitors: ASUS PB27Q Camera Setup Sony a9. Crankgameplays. › channel › UC2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g CrankGameplays - YouTube

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