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A single Dalek lands inside a Borg Cube, near the outer hull. Its time travel systems have shorted out, but its space travel is just fine and dandy. It has full shielding and power. This Borg cube is 29 cubic kilometers in volume. It contains 129,000 Borg. The Dalek wishes to exterminate the Borg inside the cube, the Borg wish to assimilate the Dalek.there is literally no way that a borg could assimilate a dalek. the absolute worst scenario is that the dalek activates its self-destruct when it realizes that it has been compromised. also, one shot from a dalek could kill a borg instantly Borg vs dalek. if their numbers are equal, the daleks will just synchronize their shots and kill all of the borg simultaneously.The Borg start attacking back using their shields and their projectiles. The Borg try to simulate the Dalek ships they destroy but they blow themselves up before they can. It is a stalemate. The Daleks start to use viruses against the Borg which is able to wipe out some of the Borg before they adapt to the virus.While the Daleks assume they are superior to all life (much like 8472) the Borg want to consume what ever tech they can. It will be a fight at first, but the Borg will simply keep throwing drones at the Daleks and losing them. The Daleks will win by default.The Borg cannot assimilate Dalek technology for two reasons. First, Borg nanotubes would be hard pressed to penetrate a Dalek casing's shield, which can "melt bullets" according to the Doctor (see s1, "Dalek"). Second, Borg nano-probes would be countered by Dalek antibodies seen in season 8's "Into the Dalek."The daleks also specifically state this in the first encounter with them. Now the Daleks are more then likely to meet their match in the Borg, but they won't be completely obliterated, also the. Borg vs dalek.

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