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Since the 0808 numbers are free of cost for the callers. Therefore, the organizations have to pay for the calls they receive. This means, to have a 0808 number, an organization needs to have either a big setup or a big affordability factor Are calls to 0808 numbers free. An organization or a business that runs on a smaller scale cannot afford the use of 0808 numbers.Call costs for 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and other phone numbers from UK landlines and mobiles.0808 are not traditional landline numbers and are geographically independent i.e. they are not linked to any particular locality around the UK. Thus, 0808 numbers are freephone numbers. By free, we mean that the 0808 cost is not charged by the callers. It is non-chargeable; either you call from a landline or mobile.Along with all other 080 phone numbers, from July 1st 2015 these calls from mobiles must also be free and not taken from any “inclusive minutes” – Free must mean free. Are 0808 Numbers Free from Mobiles All over the internet there are people on forums asking: – Are 0808 calls free on o2Top Phone Number Lookup. See Number Reviews & Comments. See Name, Age, Photos, Social, Address & More. Unlimited Searches.0808 Numbers These numbers are free to call from both landline telephone and also mobile phones. The caller pays nothing at all to make an inquiry – this is why 0808 numbers and freephone numbers are so popular among businesses. Are calls to 0808 numbers free.

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