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Mutually Exclusive vs Inclusive ProbabilitiesRolling a die: The outcomes Even number and Odd number are Mutually Exclusive. Two events that have outcomes in common are sometimes referred to as inclusive (i.e. they can occur at the same time) Here are some examples: Taking a M/C test by guessing: The outcomes getting the #1 correct and getting # 2 wrong are Inclusive.Notice that there is no overlap between the two sample spaces. Thus, events A and B are mutually exclusive because they both cannot occur at the same time. The number that a dice lands on can’t be even and odd at the same time. Conversely, two events are mutually inclusive if they can occur at the same time.Play this game to review Algebra I. If you draw one card from a standard deck, what is the probability of drawing a 5 or a diamond? Are the events inclusive or mutually exclusive? Mutually exclusive vs inclusive.

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