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Requires (Silent Crusade) Arkarium, the Guardian of Time completed Procedure Talk to Starling in Silent Crusade Safe House : Supply Warehouse. Talk to Bastille. Reward 164,200 experience Notes Note, if you are level 140 or above, you will be warped to the Temple of Time for the next quest.2 thoughts on “ MapleStory Silent Crusade Questline Guide ” Ayumilove Post author January 12, 2016 at 11:05 PM @Fred: I will be updating this page with the latest information. It hasn’t been added for several months. Thanks for your feedback! Kindly inform if the page with newest addition details is incorrect/etc.Silent Crusade Guide GuiaMusic Produced by ASTERIAPublished by NECORD NEXON.The Silent Crusade was first introduced in JapanMS's Renaissance patch. It was later revised by KoreaMS Maplestory silent crusade. GlobalMS replaced JapanMS's version with KoreaMS's version, because their version of Silent Crusade was linked to Arkarium. JapanMS however, retained its original storyline and made an expansion to introduce the Black Blooded Demon Brigade, and link with Hilla. The Silent Crusade placed.Level 140. [Silent Crusade] The Hunter. Level 140. [Silent Crusade] The Flying Whale. Level 140. [Silent Crusade] Snow-shrouded Unicorn. Level 140. [Silent Crusade] The Golden-hoofed Ox. Level 140.Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory players here. [RESOLVED]Can't complete Silent Crusade questline - Official MapleStory Website I have completed till the quest [Silent Crusade]The Hunter and it says to look for Wence in Resting Spot of Memory in Temple of Time but I am unable to even see the NPC there. Maplestory silent crusade. › watch Maplestory How to get to Silent Crusade Coin Shop GMS - YouTube

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