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When you reset skills this means that all progress in skill lines is going to be wiped, right? So, for instance, let's assume that there is a sorcerer with Storm Caling lvl 20+. He decides that his morph of Lightning Splash is not satisfying and decides to change the spell's morph. So he has to reset the skills.You can reset your Skills at any time by going to the Skills Rededication Shrine in any Alliance capital city Reset skills in eso. This means Elden Root for Aldmeri Dominion, Mournhold for Ebonheart Pact and Wayrest for Daggerfall Covenant. You can also reset your Attribute Points near-by. It will cost you 50 gold per Skill Point that you have assigned.Aldmeri Dominion - Elden Root city in Grahtwood. Daggerfall Covenant - Wayrest city in Stormhaven. Ebonheart Pact – Mournhold city in Deshaan.In order to reset/respec your skills or attributes in the Elder Scrolls Online you need to visit a Rededication Shrine. Rededication Shrines are located in each of the capital cities: Mournhold in Deshaan; Wayrest in Stormhaven; Elden Root in Grahtwood; See the maps below for their exact location. Alliance Capital Cities; You will notice three shrines.How do I reset my skills? Updated 04/16/2021 11:03 AM Players can visit Rededication Shrines to receive blessings from the Divines that will refund their spent Skill or Attribute Points for a donation in gold that scales with the character level and number of previous restats / reskills. The points can then be re-spent as the player chooses. Reset skills in eso. › guides › how-to-reset How to reset skills and attributes in ESO?

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