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Should read the Prada model number which starts with either an 'S' or 'V', indicating whether it is part of the sunglass or vision eyewear collection, followed by 'PR', which stands for Prada, and brief 2-3 digit number/ letter sequence -- this is the model number.Raised inner rectangle inside of the larger rectangle. Straight red stitching along the outside of the smaller raised rectangle (don’t worry about the number of stitches. Outline of the letters ‘PRADA’ are debossed, and the letters themselves embossed within the indents. The ‘R’ and ‘A’ letter.Make sure the hardware is all either gold or silver. Prada never mixes colors on a bag when it comes to hardware. The engraved Prada brand name, always in bold and in capital letters, is on hardware such as buckles, zippers, metal feet, locks and buttons. Authentic Prada zippers used on bags are from the brands Lampo, YKK, Riri, Opti and Ipi. These marks should be engraved either on the back of the hardware zipper or on the side.Shop Exclusive Offers from Prada. Find the Latest Trends & Styles Here. Shop our Collection of Clothes, Accessories, Design & moreAuthentic Prada bags should have a clearly legible text and be evenly attached to the matching triangular leather piece found underneath. Also make sure to inspect the spacing of the three words along their alignment. Fake Prada bags often cram the words closely together.The panels and piping of the bag should reflect the quality craftsmanship of the Prada brand heritage. Seams should be free of gaps and material should not pucker. In authentic Prada bags, a small square white tab with a number should be affixed to an interior seam. Another tip about the construction is the measurement. How to authenticate prada.

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