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Easy to manage configuration - The mod saves your sorting orders and other config in 2 files in your Documents/My Games/Terraria folder (IE Config.json, and Sorting Order.json), that you can very easily edit, or you can use the included application which can be launched in game(Left alt + o) to manage everything with a very easy to understand ui. No matter how you do it, the configuration can be reloaded on-the-fly by hitting left-shift and o.level 1. jopojelly. Op · 4y. There was talk earlier today about a Chest Searcher mod, so I dug up some code I wrote a couple months ago and just released it as Where's My Items, a tModLoader mod Terraria chest search mod. Go check it out. 373. level 2. Comment deleted by user · 4y. Continue this thread.terraria chest organizationterraria chest organization modterraria cheststerraria inventory management modterraria chest sphereterraria item categories,People also search for,Feedback,terraria chest organization,terraria chest organization mod,terraria chests,terraria inventory management mod,terraria chest sphere,terraria quick stack to nearby.This mod adds a hotkey (Defaults to the Delete key for quick access) that brings up an input field that helps you find items in your various chests. After hitting the hotkey, just start typing and chests with the item you are searching for will start sparking. Terraria chest search mod.

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