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S'krivva's House is a two-story building in Bravil found southwest of the main gate, near the entrance. S'Krivva usually sits in front of the fireplace. She has one leveled chest upstairs in her bedroom. Interactions [] If the Hero is in the Thieves Guild, S'Krivva will have jobs available. The Hero will also be warned not to go into her house if locked.S'Krivva is a female Khajiit and is a doyen for the Thieves Guild. She lives in her house in Bravil and can be found at The Lonely Suitor Lodge Oblivion s krivva. Retrieved from "In the episode of The Elder scrolls IV Oblivion we meet S'krivva.Please don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe.S'krivva's House is located in the north of Bravil, just inside the city gates. It belongs to S'krivva, a Doyen of the Thieves Guild. It is a ground floor house visible just to the right as you enter the city. City Swimmer's House is located above it.S'Krivva is a Thieves Guild Doyen who lives in her house in Bravil. She is also an Expert Security trainer . She is available in her house from 7 am until 9 am at which point she moves to The Lonely Suitor Lodge. She then returns to her home after 10 pm and is again available for business until midnight. Oblivion s krivva.

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