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I've been busy this week, and haven't had much of a chance yet to make my 1500th video special. So, in the meantime, here is a complete run of the Soul ShriThe Soul Shrine is the other new location for Final fantasy VI Advance. You can access it.Glossary (gls05) ----------------------------------- Introduction (int01) ----------------------------------- The Soul Shrine is an additional challenge unlocked after clearing the game. There areNo Commentary Game Play of Final Fantasy VIWe love to play games on our free time and this is for those that just don't want to be bothered by all the commenGenji Glove / Master's Scroll is overkill with the Quick spell. When you're ready, land on the medium-sized island just off the coast west of Mobliz. A ghost inside will explain the Soul Shrine. You will fight 128 battles nearly in a row - every so often you'll have a scheduled break in battle where you can prepare for the next wave or leave.The final dungeon in Final Fantasy VI’s expanded content, the Soul Shrine is the ultimate challenge for players who have maximized all aspects of their characters. Located on one of the larger islands near Mobliz in the World of Ruin, the Soul Shrine unlocks when you’ve both beaten the game and completed the Dragons’ Den, another optional dungeon… and one which provides many of the enemies that cap off your visit to the Soul Shrine. Final fantasy 6 soul shrine.

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