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Definition of good look at you in the Idioms Dictionary. good look at you phrase Look at you meaning. What does good look at you expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.What does look-at-you mean? (derogatory) Sarcastically drawing attention to somebody's appearance or behaviour. (interjection) Ooh, look at you in y"Look at you" is used when the speaker wants to draw attention to the target. It can be positive or negative depending on the context. It can be a way to say "you look bad" or "you look good". It doesn't have to be purely looks, it can also refer to personality, achievements, traits etc. The bottom line is the speaker wants to tell the listener that there is something (good or bad) about him Look at you meaning.When you are hyping someone up, it could be anybody, it’s an expression you use. It’s like saying “look at you go” , as in you are going places or you are doing something cool, brave, iconic.1 intr, adv; foll by: on or upon to express or show contempt or disdain (for) 2 ♦ look down one's nose at. Informal to be contemptuous or disdainful of. look forward to. vb intr, adv + prep to wait or hope for, esp. with pleasure. look-in Informal. n. 1 a chance to be chosen, participate, etc. 2 a short visit.English. Mar 22, 2007. #2. I would use that if someone was saying something like "You are so stupid". I would say "look at you!", meaning "look at how stupid you are". Also, like if someone says "Look at how dirty your car is", you would say "Look at your car". It's the same as that. Look at you meaning.

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