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You may use a substitution variable in SQL Developer (or in SQL* Plus). Use double quotes while defining. Test data. create table b as select 'A' as a from dual union all select 'I' as a from dual union all select 'U' as a from dual Execution. define params = "'A','E','I','O','U'" select A from B where A in (&params); ResultAnswer: Most Oracle IN clause queries involve a series of literal values, and when a table is present a standard join is better. In most cases the Oracle cost-based optimizer will create an identical execution plan for IN vs EXISTS, so there is no difference in query performance.Restriction on LEVEL in WHERE Clauses In a [NOT] IN condition in a WHERE clause, if the right-hand side of the condition is a subquery, you cannot use LEVEL on the left-hand side of the condition. However, you can specify LEVEL in a subquery of the FROM clause to achieve the same result. For example, the following statement is not valid:2. Don't use NOT IN with subqueries. It doesn't have the semantics that you expect. If any value in the subquery returns a NULL value, then no rows are returned at all. Usually, you just want to ignore NULL values. So, use NOT EXISTS instead: Select abc from table1 t1 where SOEID = 'A' and ID in (select ID from Table2 where column1 = '1234' and.First, the FROM clause specified the table for querying data Oracle sql in clause. Second, the WHERE clause filtered rows based on the condition e.g., product_name = 'Kingston' ). Third, the SELECT clause chose the columns that should be returned.An in_condition is a membership condition. It tests a value for membership in a list of values or subquery. If you use the upper form of the in_condition condition (with a single expression to the left of the operator), then you must use the upper form of expression_list. If you use the lower form of this condition (with multiple expressions to Oracle sql in clause. Oracle sql in clause.

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